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Criminal Law Services

- White Collar Crime

Michael formerly taught White Collar Criminal Defense courses at the University of Montana School of Law. He regularly represents individuals charged with crimes such as wire fraud, bank fraud, bankruptcy fraud, money laundering, and financial crimes occurring on Indian Reservations.

- Major Fish and Game Violations

Michael has extensive experience representing individuals charged with unlawfully taking or possessing wildlife.   He has represented multiple individuals charged in Federal Courts with felony violations of the Lacey Act.

- Negligent / Vehicular Homicide

Michael regularly represents individuals charged with negligent homicide due to car and other accidents.  He has taken twelve such cases to trial.

- Clean Water Act Violations

Michael has represented a number of individuals charged with violations of the Federal Clean Water Act as well as individuals charged with violating similar state laws.

- Crimes Against Indian Tribes

Michael has represented individuals charged with crimes against Indian Tribes, including theft of Tribal Funds and Federal Funds in possession of Indian Tribes.

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